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270 Gigabytes of Data Leaks from 200 Police Departments Around The USA called “Blueleaks” Files

# Blueleaks is going viral because 270 Gigabytes of data leaked from 200 police departments around the USA. The 10 years worth of law enforcement information included classified details about their fusion centers, training, bulletins, FBI reports, and guides. In essence the Blueleaks could be career altering for thousands upon thousands of cops.

Some of the details from the leaks will leave you wondering about everything you though that was.

There are documents allegedly stating that the FBI is watching every tweet about protests, and forwarding them to local police. This insinuates if you say the wrong thing you might find police come looking for you disguising it as another reason.

It’s gets even deeper. Another document allegedly stated that any medical personnel who helped injured protesters was put on a list of “extremists”. They allegedly used tattoos and other unique identifiers to remember some people.

It’s not clear how this information got leaked, as there was no announcement about beforehand as the group Anonymous does. The # Blueleaks might be the largest police data breach of all time, all things considered. When 270 GB of data leaks from police departments all around the USA you have to wonder if it was inside job.

Author: JordanThrilla

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