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12 Years a Wife & “12 Years a Slave” go Viral as wife put #12YearsAwife on Interracial wedding photo

An interracial Instagram IG wedding anniversary photo is going viral after Instagram user natalie4the_win used hashtag “12 Years A Wife” #12YearsAWife under the picture. The similar wording to the “12 Years a Slave” movie name has people questioning the hidden meaning of her message.

Some people feel that she may have used the wording unintentionally. However to the people that think she is sending a subliminal message the wording is almost like a play on words of “12 Years a slave”. As you can see in the Instagram post one person replied “Why that hashtag though”, which is the question many people were asking.


If it was intentional there is many ways you could possibly decipher the meaning in relation to her relationship with her husband. Did she actually mean it as an inspirational message? Or was she really just trying to controversial and strike up some nerves?

This cloud of the unknown has made the Instagram post go viral. No matter the reason congratulations to them on 12 years together, because a lot of marriages these days don’t even last 1/4th that long.

Author: Jordanthrilla Staff