A 3 year old girl got tangled in a kite and flew in air for 30 seconds at 30 feet in a scary video. As the 3 year old girl is flying in air for 30 seconds bystanders looked on yelling in fear. The incident lasted only a few seconds, but with the wind was swinging the 3 year old girl caught in the kite those seconds seemed like hours.

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You probably won’t believe how the video ends.

After the 30 second nightmare was over the 3 year old girl fell to the ground safely into the arms of a crowd of people waiting to catch her. The worst case scenario was avoided simply with some very good luck. A 3 year old girl flying in air for 30 seconds, while being 30 Feet off the ground usually wouldn’t end well.

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Now everyone there has an unbelievable story to tell instead of an unthinkable tragedy.

Author: JordanThrilla

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