Alex Smith’s wife reaction to Alex Smith checking into his first NFL Game since 2018 is going viral. Alex Smith’s wife cried as they announced his name on the stadium speakers. When Kyle Allen left the game with an arm injury Alex Smith was inserted into his first NFL Game since breaking his tibia and fibula. Since the broken leg injury Alex Smith has had 17 surgeries, a life threatening infection, and doctors almost decided to amputate his lower leg.

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Two seasons later Alex Smith is playing in his first NFL Game since breaking his leg. Take a look at the emotional moment when Alex Smith’s wife Elizabeth Barry cries as he checks into the Washington vs Rams game.

When Alex Smith was carted of the field in 2018, 99% of people including him and most doctors thought he would never play again. The shocked look on his face still is haunting thing to see, but it was actually the start of one of the greatest comeback stories in sports.

Alex Smith’s wife was a cheerleader for the Raiders back in the day, and she started dating Alex Smith when he was playing for the 49ers. Since that time she has been with him through thick and thin, and was also seen by his side in his recovery videos.

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Alex Smith’s wife reaction to him checking into his first NFL Game since the 2018 broken leg injury was a very beautiful moment in Sports that will never be forgotten. When Alex Smith’s wife cried as he stepped onto the field, many people where crying out of happiness too.

Author: JordanThrilla

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