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Areline Martinez Dead – TikTok Woman Shot and Killed Doing TikTok Kidnapping Challenge on Livestream

Areline Martinez is dead, and it might be most horrific story of TikTok gone wrong. Areline Martinez is a TikTok woman shot and killed doing the TikTok Kidnapping Challenge. The 20 year old TikTok star Areline Martinez was shot in the head, while acting out a fake kidnapping for her TikTok viewers. She was following the trend of the “TikTok Kindappng Challenge”.

Every moment of the “fake” kidnapping was recorded from the moment the fake abductors blindfolded her. These were all actors, but they made one huge mistake that cost the TikTok woman her life.

According to reports, some Investigators believe the fake abductors thought the gun was empty, as did Areline Martinez. When the person pulled the triggered they had no idea it was actually going to shoot Areline Martinez dead. The TikTok footage allegedly shows that the two fake abductors were shocked after shooting, and ran away. The videos were quickly taken down from TikTok.

Areline Martinez’s death is very tragic, 20 years old is way too young die for any reason. This will definitively fuel the sentiment of people who want TikTok banned.

RIP Areline Martinez.

Author: JordanThrilla

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