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Black Guy In Pink Shirt Exposed As Patsy Agent Working With Patsy Police Who Broke AutoZone Windows

The black guy protester in a pink shirt was exposed as a patsy agent working with the patsy police officer who broke AutoZone windows to incite a riot. New footage shows the protester wearing the pink shirt talking to the patsy cop before he started smashing AutoZone’s windows with a hammer.

After this happened, the black guy in the pink shirt pretends he doesn’t know patsy cop then acts like he is trying to stop him. In reality the man in the pink shirt was actually walking away with patsy police officer likely because their job was complete. Take a look at the new evidence below. In the first video pay attention to the 37 second mark.

After watching the first video, you can see in the second video is where the black guy in the pink shirt and patsy police officer started their plan to incite a riot. They both acted like they never saw each other before and got into a fake altercation. That way no one would think it was suspicious that they were actually walking away from the scene together.

This is all theory, but with this video evidence it’s really hard to believe otherwise. Some people my have a different opinion and perspective of things.

Author: JordanThrilla

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