NYPD Precinct 88 entered Level 3 Mobilization after George Floyd protesters overran it and took over. NYPD Precinct 84 was under siege at the same time. When NYPD goes into Level 3 mobilization it means all special units must respond along with 4 squad cars coming from every command center in the cities’ vicinity. Simply speaking it means all hands on deck for a serious threat.

Viral videos NYPD Precinct 88 vans burning as protesters surrounded it.

Multiple reports says NYPD Police Commissioner Shea called for the Level 3 Mobilization. Of all the George Floyd protests that have broken out across the United States, this might be the most dangerous situation yet for both the protesters and police. Possibly more dangerous than the face off between the White House vs George Floyd Protesters earlier today.

Hopefully this ends peacefully with no one getting hurt.

Author: JordanThrilla