Did Lil Wayne expose ghostwriting for Drake on No Ceilings 3? Lil Wayne dissed Drake with a ghostwriting line on No Ceilings 3. He didn’t say his name, but from the statement made in the line most people assume he was taking shots at Drake using ghostwriters.

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On No Ceilings 3 Lil Wayne says, “Best rapper alive, I’ll write your s***“.

Naturally the internet is going crazy after hearing the line that is possibly a diss. This could be Lil Wayne exposing ghostwriting for Drake in an indirectly definitive manner. Take a look at some of the reactions to Lil Wayne dissing Drake with a Ghostwriter line.

Is Lil Wayne really taking shots at Drake with that ghostwriting line? It’s really a 50/50 call.

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One could argue that Lil Wayne is aware that Drake is part of the reason his popularity as an artist has dwindled compare to years past. People regularly put Drake ahead of Lil Wayne all time despite that fact Meek Mill exposed that Drake was secretly using ghostwriters.

Given that Lil Wayne is a student of hiphop that possibly rubbed him the wrong way, which led to a subliminal diss towards Drake’s ghostwriter situation on No Ceilings 3.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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