Did Rapper Mulatto get Butt Implants? People think recent photos show that Mulatto has butt implants now. This is sparking a Mulatto Butt Implant Conspiracy Theory.

In comparison to older photos it appears the size and contour of Mulatto’s butt has changed drastically. Her curves now the have the classic “implant look” going on. To some people this might be the final stage of Mulatto going full Hollywood.

The first picture below is Mulatto before the alleged butt implants.

This second picture is Mulatto after the alleged butt implants.

Here is another angle of Mulatto’s alleged butt implants.

When people first were introduced to Mulatto on a reality show she never seemed like the type of female rapper that would get plastic surgery. However, with Mulatto’s butt is looking similar to Kim Kardashian’s it’s getting tougher for people have the same opinions about her.

Does Mulatto have butt implants? The world may never know, so for now it remains a Mulatto Butt Implant Conspiracy Theory.

Author: JordanThrilla