Doctor Blows Whistle on Coronavirus with Proof in Receipts in Viral Video.

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A Doctor became a coronavirus Whistleblower after he posted a video exposing that a coronavirus vaccine was already been patented in 2006 in the USA and 2019 in Europe, with receipts to prove his claim. The doctor blowing the whistle on the coronavirus provided these specific patent numbers along with many others in the video:

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US Patent #2006257852 issued in 2006 by Kyron and sold to GlaxoSmith.

Euro Patent EP3172319B1 for vaccine applied in 2014, then granted in November 2019.

The doctor is claiming the coronavirus is very weak, and is being over-hyped by different agencies. He read through the stats, then provided the official patent numbers that look to be of vaccines already in existence for the coronavirus. This would possibly mean the virus isn’t new at all.

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A doctor blowing the whistle on the coronavirus could be a career altering decision, but he seems to be confident is in his claims, and the patents definitely seem to be real. It really makes you wonder, if there is something else going on, when you see info that alludes to an alleged coronavirus vaccine being already in existence for years.

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Author: JordanThrilla


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