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Drake Shows Up To Party Unannounced and Almost Gets KICKED OUT by People Who Had No Idea Why He was There


Once upon a time Drake showed up to a party uninvited and almost got kicked out by people who had no idea why he was there. When Drake tried to walk through the party people started asking him “Who Are you and Who Invited You?”. After questioning him they allegedly tried to kick Drake out the party.


When Drake showed up to the Party unannounced he didn’t know it would be a legendary L of epic proportions. The response Drake gave made the situation even worse.

Take a look.

An almost speechless and embarrassed Drake responded “You don’t know who I am?”. The embarrassed look on his face was priceless, when they asked who invited him and he said “Myself”. He looked more embarrassed than time he got booed off stage after performing unannounced at a Tyler Creator Concert.

This incident adds to long list of embarrassing moments in Drake’s rap career. However, if there is any rapper that can survive a massive L, it would probably be Drake. That’s why this unforgettable moment is largely unknown or forgotten to a lot of people.

This shows even Drake knows what it feels like to feel uninvited to a party.

Author: JordanThrilla