When Ice Cube announced he was working with Donald Trump on the “Platinum Plan” it sent shockwaves the music world. Those shockwaves continued when Ice Cube struggled to answer how Trump’s Platinum Plan is good for black people during an episode of Roland Martin Unfiltered.

Roland Martin grilled Ice Cube with a question that should have been easy to answer, since he claimed Trump’s Platinum Plan was so great. However, it ended up exposing Ice Cube is most likely being used by Donald Trump.

It’s really sad to see Ice Cube out here looking like a possible fraud. When answering the question what’s good for Black people in Trump’s Platinum Plan, Ice Cube basically said “umm, you know, umm basically umm….” for a few minutes. Ice Cube seems to not have a single clue what Trump’s plan is, even though he is openly promoting it.

While people shouldn’t jump to conclusions, because we have all had brain farts, this just isn’t a good look for Ice Cube. It smells like Ice Cube is supporting Trump’s Platinum plan, because he is being paid a lot of money. That would be the epitome of “Selling out” on Ice Cube’s part.

Author: JordanThrilla