Finding a donor heart is a luck of the draw type of thing, and for one lucky person that found a donor heart they got lucky three times over. An LA doctor dropped a donor heart on a roof after a Helicopter crashed landed at a Los Angeles hospital.

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A viral video shows the Los Angeles doctor dropping the donor heart as he carefully walked away from the Helicopter wreckage. When the heart hit the floor, everyone scrambled to save it like a fumble in the NFL.

According to reports from local LA news stations, Doctors inside the hospital described feeling a “shock” when the Helicopter made impact, which conveys the force of this accident. Miraculously the pilot had minor injuries, and two other people on board had no injuries. The helicopter carrying the donor heart was an AgustaWestland AW109.

This situation almost turned really bad when rescue workers were able to successfully retrieve the donor heart from the helicopter wreckage, and hand it to the doctor. Somehow the LA doctor dropped the donor heart even though he was literally walking in slow motion. The good thing about this situation is they were reportedly still able to safely use the donor heart.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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