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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star Maurice Fayne aka Arkansas Mo Arrested for CORONAVIRUS FRAUD

Love and hip hop Atlanta star Maurice Fayne aka Arkansas mo was arrested and charged with coronavirus fraud. Fayne was able to take out a $2 Million dollar loan under the CARES Act Payment Protection Program for small businesses.

There was one catch however, the “Flame Trucking” company name he used to get the loan allegedly doesn’t exist. Arkansas Mo spent the $2 Million on himself buying a Rolex watch, diamond bracelet, Rolls Royce, according to reports. He also used some of the money to pay off over $30K in child support. Reports say Federal police arrested Arkansas Mo after searching his home.

Not too long ago we wrote an article about a boss who’s employees started to hate them after they took out a PPP loan making them ineligible to receive the stimulus check. The program is supposed to go towards giving employees full pay as if they were still working when a small business is closed because of coronavirus.

Apparently Love and Hip Hop star Maurice Fayne aka Arkansas Mo was the only employee at a trucking company that actually didn’t exist. Twilight Zone stuff.

Author: JordanThrilla

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