MSNBC was allegedly caught using World War Z movie footage during George Floyd protests live news coverage. MSNBC allegedly used the World War Z footage while talking about curfews being imposed across the US due to George Floyd protests, and people who aren’t part of the protests looting.

What really gave it away was the identical buildings and fire in the alleged MSNBC and World War Z footage. Take a look at the evidence below.

As you can see the alleged MSNBC footage looks like a zoomed in version of the World War Z footage. It has the same buildings in the background, smoke coming from the same areas, and that same fire burning in the corner.

Is it a coincidence, or is it fact that MSNBC is using World War Z footage to cover the George Floyd protests? Hopefully it’s just a coincidence, but we will probably never know the truth behind this mystery.

Author: JordanThrilla