When Congress finalized the deal for $600 dollar stimulus checks to working Americans, most people were shocked they cut the original $1,200 in half. With people struggling to make ends meet it should be obvious that $600 won’t go very far. Who is to blame for this debacle? Nancy Pelosi may be part of the answer.

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In a viral video Nancy Pelosi said $600 was a “significant” amount for working families.

Nancy Pelosi makes around $230K per year, which is almost triple the average working American’s salary. The average member of congress makes around $174K, which is double the average salary of American workers.

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Her statement is more proof there is disconnect between what reality is for most people, and what the government feels reality is. If the $1,200 stimulus didn’t help people escape the financial struggles, how will $600 months later do that?

Author: JordanThrilla

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