A North Florida woman proclaimed she doesn’t wear underwear or facemasks for the same reason at a City Council meeting about coronavirus guidelines. In the viral video, the woman angrily says “I don’t wear facemasks or underwear for the same reason, things got to breath”. You could tell she meant it, because she did the hand mannerism to emphasize every word.

Skip to the 38 second mark of the video


This North Florida woman might be the only person in existence who equates wearing a facemask to wearing underwear. Imagine how awkward people felt being there knowing she had on no underwear at a public meeting. A lot of people who weren’t wearing facemasks might have wished they were after hearing that.


North Florida is going viral because of a woman who doesn’t wear facemasks or underwear. It kind of makes this one of the perfect moments to make use of the bugs bunny saw off Florida gif .


Author: JordanThrilla

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