A cool video explains how Kevin Durant’s flat deformed foot is the reason his Achilles Tendon gave up, and ruptured causing him injury. Having a flat foot is scientifically proven to put extra pressure on your Achilles tendon. This would even be more so when you are built tall and skinny like Kevin Durant.

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While all that might be true you could still possibly blame the Golden State Warriors for Kevin Durant’s situation. You could make the argument Warriors staff should of known about Kevin Durant’s flat deformed feet. Or maybe they did, but didn’t have the proper knowledge to connect the dots with his calf injury, then overlooked it. Either way you look at it there’s a still strong argument to be made.

Many people around the sports world want to see Kevin Durant make a 100% speedy recovery for Brooklyn Nets. Hopefully he is the same player he was before the injury when he returns.

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Will he be able to reach the greatness that Lebron and Kyrie reached together? Don’t be surprised if Kevin Durant flat feet become a issue down the line.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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