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Old Man Knocked Out by Falling Cat While Walking his Dog in Viral Video

An old man got knocked out by falling cat while walking his dog in a viral video. The man’s dog tried to fight the cat as he laid KO’d on the pavement. The man named Gao Fengua had to spend almost a month in the hospital after the falling cat knocked him out. The extent of his injuries was not known, but it had to include a concussion.

The cat allegedly fell off his neighbors balcony who agreed to pay him an unknown amount of compensation.

A falling cat is not something the average person thinks about, but it’s a real danger. The average cat weighs close to 10 pounds. When the falling cat knocked the man out, it was like someone dropped a 10 pound dumbbell on his head.

It’s safe to say Gao Fengua is a lucky man to have only spent one month in the hospital after this. Hopefully the cat didn’t fall on him on purpose.

Author: JordanThrilla

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