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PARTYNEXTDOOR Wrote Cardi B Verse on “WAP”

Do you remember all the nasty things Cardi B says she does to men on “WAP”? It turns out that a male was behind the raunchy lyrics on WAP. PARTYNEXTDOOR Wrote Cardi B verse on “WAP” according to a new report.

As a song writer PARTYNEXTDOOR is known by his non professional name Jahron Brathwaite. He has written many songs for females including hit record like Rihanna’s “Work” single. Given his history PARTYNEXTDOOR writing Cardi B verse on “WAP” is not completely surprising. However, the lyrics are so freaky it seems odd that man needed to write those for Cardi B.

When you really listen to some of Cardi B’s lyrics on WAP, it actually becomes a bit weird that PARTYNEXTDOOR wrote them. For example, PARTYNEXTDOOR was the one talking about doing a kegal while it’s inside”.

Who knows maybe Cardi B isn’t as freaky at she portrays herself to be, and needed PARTYNEXTDOOR to write from her perspective to make the song pop. Only question that remains now is who wrote Megan Thee Stallion’s verse?

Author: JordanThrilla

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