Scottie Pippen and Future now look alike after he revealed his new braids. Scottie Pippen got braids just like Future at 54 years old. The picture has people wondering if Scottie Pippen is going through a mid life crisis due to memories of Future allegedly sleeping with his wife.

It’s kind of scary how much Future and Scottie Pippen look alike now.

Now that Scottie Pippen looks like a Future clone, it would probably be hard for his girl to leave him for Future again. At least this is what Scottie Pippen may have been thinking when he got braids at 54 years old. He does look a lot younger though, and you’re only as old as you feel.

Future is likely somewhere laughing with Lori Harvey at Scottie Pippen’s new braids look. Russell Wilson is probably somewhere laughing with Ciara at Future having new cloned Scottie Pippen version of himself.

Everyone else is wondering why Scottie Pippen and Future look alike even though they’re enemies.

Author: JordanThrilla