Instagram banned Tekashi 6IX9INE for life effectively ending his clout chasing career. Since his release from prison IG was the only thing keeping Tekashi69 in the headlines. Now that Tekashi 6IX9INE is banned from Instagram, his fans are scared he will fall off.

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If you go to Tekashi69’s Instagram page all you see is “User not found”.

Some people believe Tekashi 6IX9INE was enjoying his “15 minutes of fame” with the extra attention he got after his release from prison. He was using Instagram as his main platform to diss various artists and talk to his fans, prolonging his 15 minutes. In essence IG was Tekashi69’s life line.

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Shotti is in a jail cell somewhere probably laughing at Tekashi 6IX9INE getting banned for life from Instagram.

Author: JordanThrilla

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