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Bryshere Gray aka Hakeem Lyon Actor From “Empire” Arrested after SWAT Raid his Home for Abusing his Wife

Bryshere Gray aka Hakeem Lyon actor from “Empire” was arrested after a SWAT raided his home for abusing his wife. Police reports say his wife had physical injuries to her face as she ran and alerted people for help. Bryshere Gray allegedly strangled his wife while punching her according to the story she told police.

When Bryshere Gray refused to leave his home to be arrested the SWAT team was called. They eventually raided his home then arrested him. His wife was taken to the hospital, but there is no update on her current condition.

The incident happened in the normally quiet Goodyear neighborhood in Phoenix. We can only imagine what 50 Cent is going to say about the Hakeem Lyon actor from “Empire” getting arrested. He always throws salt in their wounds.

Hopefully Bryshere Gray’s wife makes a full recovery from her injuries.

Author: JordanThrilla

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