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White People Cancel Nick Cannon After He Calls White People “Animals” and “True Savages” in Viral Video

White people are cancelling Nick Cannon after he called White People “animals” and “true savages” in a viral video. People are saying the video is racist, while others are saying it can’t be racist. In the video Nick Cannon says white people are “a little less”, “true savages”, and “only can be evil”. Words most white people probably aren’t used to hearing.

Here where some of the reactions to the video.


As you can see there is no grey area about this one. Some people think Nick Cannon went full racist on white people, while others think he was just speaking facts. What’s known for sure is that White people want Nick Cannon cancelled for his remarks towards them. Both sides agree that the comments were disrespectful.

Is it even possible for Nick Cannon to be racist towards white people? This is question some people are asking as the world waits to see if Nick Cannon will be cancelled for calling White people “animals” and “savages”.

Author: JordanThrilla

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