Burger King is stopping Cows from farting methane gas with lemongrass. In a new viral report it was revealed that Burger King will use Lemongrass to make Cow fart less methane gas. Cow farts are one of the biggest contributors to the Earth’s growing problem of excess methane gas.

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Burger King will begin feeding cows 100 grams of lemongrass with every meal. They will also put the cows on low carb diet. This will theoretically cause the Cows to fart less methane gas, and apparently they fart a lot. Most people would of guessed that all grass diet was easy on the stomach.

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Methane gas is said to be key contributor to Climate change around the world. Burger King stopping Cows from farting excessively could be the x-factor move that really sets things back on positive course for nature. The Cow Farms would smell better too.

Reports say Greta Thunberg has yet to comment on this new development, but likely she will release a statement.

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The sad part about this is the lemongrass doesn’t save the cows from dying in the end.

Author: JordanThrilla

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