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The Story of How Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Tried to Steal Aljamain Sterling’s Girlfriend Goes Viral

Aljamain Sterling, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has recently revealed that he had a tense encounter with Floyd Mayweather, a legendary boxer and promoter, in 2016. Sterling claims that Mayweather tried to lure him and his girlfriend to his entourage with the intention of stealing her away from him.

How Floyd Mayweather Allegedly tried to Steal Aljamain Sterling’s Girlfriend with the Help of a Man and Woman

Sterling shared his story during a podcast. He said that he was sitting with his girlfriend in the upper section of the venue, when he noticed Mayweather and his crew in the lower section.

Sterling said that Mayweather sent some of his goons to approach him, and ask him to come down to where they were. Sterling said that he knew what Mayweather really wanted to do, so he refused to go down and avoid making a scene. He predicted that if he went down, they would try to take his girl and then push him out of the way, which would have started a fight.

Sterling said that after he declined the first invitation, Mayweather then sent a woman who said that they really just wanted him to come down with his girl and hang out. However, Sterling refused again and challenged Mayweather to a fight. He said that he told the woman that he was undefeated in MMA and Mayweather was undefeated in boxing, and they could find out who was the better fighter.

Thankfully nothing went down that night, because Sterling was smart enough to not fall for Mayweather’s trap. He was clearly not intimidated by Mayweather’s fame or wealth, and was confident in his skills as a fighter.

He just wanted to avoid trouble on that night, which he successfully did. Who knows though, maybe Floyd was just trying to hang out.

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