Tony Yayo threatened to kill T.I. Grand Hustle Comedian for making a 50 Cent joke at his birthday party, according to a new report. The allegations were revealed during a new breakfast club interview. TI says Tony Yayo has mental issues for threatening to kill his Grand Hustle Comedian over a simple joke. Take a listen to TI and Breakfast club discussing the incident.

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Skip to around the 3:10 mark of video.

T.I. says that Tony Yayo felt some kind of way about the 50 Cent joke because he was with his girlfriend. TI also claims that 50 Cent had heard the joke before he even said, and Tony Yayo was the only one out of the loop. What he didn’t reveal is what was actually said during the joke.

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What ever the case may be, 50 Cent has already responded to T.I. with a disrespectful post on Instagram, so this beef is searing hot right now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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