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Trevor Ariza Accused of Abusing His 12 Year Old Son Tajh After Refusing to Enter Orlando Bubble To Spend Time With Him

Trevor Ariza is accused of Child Abuse only a few weeks after he refused to enter Orlando Bubble because of his son. Trevor Ariza is accused of abusing his 12 year old son Tajh by his ex wife Lana Allen. She wants an immediate restraining order according to multiple reports.

This is very ironic, because back in June Trevor Ariza didn’t join Trail Blazers at Orlando Bubble on grounds he wanted spend more time with his son. You can read our article about that here. Did Trevor Ariza abuse his son during the time off from Orlando Bubble?


Reports state Trevor Ariza Ex-wife has evidence of child abuse going as far back as 2019. Trevor Ariza is allegedly completing denying the claims. It’s important to remember that they are locked in a heated custody battle, so this could be all an attempt on to sway the court battle.

If the allegations are true, it opens up a whole new set of problems for Trevor Ariza both in his personal life, and for his NBA career. Trail Blazers are definitely going to question the way Trevor Ariza abandoned them if these stories are proven true.

Author: JordanThrilla

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