A white object flying out Donald Trump’s nose during a speech is sparking drug abuse conspiracy theories. In the viral video as Donald Trump talks, a white projectile appears to come out his nose. Conspiracy Theorists believe this is proof of Donald Trump abusing Adderall.


Take a look at the strange footage of the white object sparking the Donald Trump’s Nose Conspiracy Theory.

Did Donald Trump have a tiny Adderall pill stuffed in his nostril? Scientifically people snort Adderall to enhance it’s effects on the human brain. Scientific studies say a common side effect of Adderall abuse is a runny nose, which can have remnants of the smashed Adderall pill clumped together. Think about how sand clumps together when it gets wet.

People may be seeing things due to the camera angle, but it’s clear is that something white definitely came from the area of Donald Trump’s nose during his press conference speech.

At the moment no one is 100% sure what it was, so it remains a conspiracy theory about Donald Trump’s nose and drug abuse.

Author: JordanThrilla

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