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WNBA Washington Mystics Arrive With Each Letter From Jacob Blake Name on Their Shirts To Spell His Name in Protest

The WNBA has been creative with making statements about social injustice, and that trend continued today with their statement about the Kenosha shooting. WNBA Washington Mystics arrived with each letter from Jacob Blake’s name written on their shirts to protest the Kenosha shooting. The Mystics players arrived in the specific order of Jacob Blake’s name so it was spelled out for cameras as they walked by.

Take a look at the powerful moment of spelling Jacob Blake’s name made possible by Washington Mystics.

WNBA players where contemplating boycotting games like NBA players to protest the shooting, but they realized it would be better to do something during their games since they fight hard to the little TV time they get. Washington Mystics made the first move by spelling out Jacob Blake’s name upon arrival to the Orlando Bubble arena.

Just a few weeks ago WNBA players walked off the court during the national anthem rather than kneeling, which no NBA team had the courage to do. Kudos to the WNBA for always putting a foot forward, and being creatively bold in the ways they protest social injustices.

Author: JordanThrilla

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