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Kenny Smith Walks Off Set of Inside The NBA on LIVE TV in Support of Players Protesting Jacob Blake Shooting

Kenny Smith walked off set of Inside the NBA on Live TV in support of players protesting the Jacob Blake situation. Kenny Smith said “As a black man, as former player, I think it’s best for me to support the player and just not be here tonight”.

After making his statement Kenny Smith walked off Inside the NBA to show solidarity with NBA player boycotting.

As Kenny Smith left the Inside the NBA set there was brief moment of silence where you could hear a pin drop. It felt like the entire Inside the NBA crew was shocked, but understood why Kenny Smith made the decision to walk off on live tv. What’s surprising is that the rest of the crew didn’t follow him, rather they just sat watched Kenny Smith leave.

Today the NBA community made a powerful statement against social injustice and to spread awareness about the Jacob Blake situation in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kenny Smith walking off Inside the NBA added to impact the NBA boycott has had in the social arena.

Author: JordanThrilla