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Wuhan Pool Party with Thousands of People With No Facemasks or Social Distancing Goes Viral

The city where the Coronavirus started is now back to normal. A Wuhan Pool Party with thousands of people with no facemasks or social distancing is going viral. The open air Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park that hosted the Wuhan Pool Party gets up to 15,000 daily visitors, and is more packed than ever with people ready to party.

The footage from the Wuhan Pool Party has left the rest of the world in shock that continues to impose strict guidelines for COVID-19 that has an almost 99.9% survivable rate.


In America there a just as many people against facemasks and social distancing as people who support. With many tactics that seem shady being used to inflate COVID-19 death rates it’s easy to see why some people think there is a hidden agenda behind the promotion of facemasks and social distancing.

Seeing videos like this Wuhan China pool party will definitely fuel the narratives that the coronavirus is being over exaggerated for various reasons. Wuhan was once the epicenter and birthplace of Coronavirus, and now is magically back to normal while the rest of world is being told to panic by the media.

Given the almost 99.9% survival rate of COVID-19, almost everyone at the Wuhan Pool Party will be fine. However, it could be problem it causes another outbreak.

Author: JordanThrilla

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