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50 Cent Passes Out $60K to Fast Food Workers Making Them Break Down Crying in Viral Video

50 Cent has been in the gift of giving lately, and it continued today. 50 Cent passed out $60K to Fast Food workers in a viral video. At first 50 Cent’s friend went to the drive thru window asking how many people worked inside the Fast Food Restaurant. When 50 Cent showed his face, the Fast Food workers broke down crying in excitement.

Take a look at the video.


Most Fast Food restaurants have around 12 people working at the same time. Going back that standard each person got around $5,000 from 50 cent. That’s probably about 4 months worth of pay for the average Fast Food worker getting minimum wage.

50 Cent giving out $60,000 to fast food workers is as generous as it gets for him. Back in the day it would hard to imagine 50 Cent being this humble.

Author: JordanThrilla

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