Doris Burke says "Hi Daddy"

Is Doris Burke a freak? Doris Burke saying “Hi Daddy” on LIVE TV during Celtics vs Heat Game 1 has sports fans buzzing. The tone that was used when Doris Burke said “Hi Daddy” sounded like she was talking dirty to someone with no one around.

Take a listen to Doris Burke saying “Hi Daddy” to millions of people watching at home, and some reactions.

Is Doris Burke trying to turn people on while watching an NBA Basketball game? Doris Burke said “Hi Daddy” like she was trying to sound a flirty as possible. Men around the world are probably going to tell their significant others to start talking dirty like Doris Burke.

Most people already liked her, but now people are going to be in love after hearing Doris Burke say “Hi Daddy”.

Author: JordanThrilla