What would you do if you were delivering Pizza, and ended up ringing the doorbell of Gang Members? A Domino’s Pizza delivery guy smoked blunt with Crip Gang Members after delivering them pizza in a viral video. The Domino’s Pizza Delivery guy even held a gun that belonged to one of the Crip gang members. At first the Crip gang members told Domino’s guy to get out, but soon after they gave him a blunt.

At the moment it might have been the first time a Domino’s Pizza Delivery guy chilled with Crip gang members while still being clocked in.

It’s not clear what Domino’s policy is on this type of thing or what state this happened in, but it’s probably safe to assume this video might put the Domino pizza delivery guy’s job in jeopardy. You know he probably drove back to work with all his windows rolled down trying to get the smell of smoking a blunt off himself.

It’s surprising the Crip Gang members where comfortable with letting a stranger just chill with them, even if it was a Domino’s Pizza delivery guy. They got lucky that wasn’t an undercover cop of some sort, we seen that happen in viral videos before.

Author: JordanThrilla