An alleged video of Fivio Foreign shot and killed garnered a reaction from Young Costamado. Many people had already started grieving thinking Fivio died. That’s when his team sent out a message clearing the air about whether Fivio got shot and was dead. In a simple yet powerful message on Instagram Young Costamado let people know that Fivio Foreign was alive, and didn’t get shot.

In fact he claims Fivio had nothing to do with the situation in the video at all. Essentially the rumors where assumptions based on assumptions. Take a look at the video that started it all.

In the footage there was so many cop cars, so it definitely looked like someone well known got shot. This may have been what made people think Fivio Foreign was shot. With what happened to FBG Duck people where already on edge mentally.

Luckily Young Costamado put everyone’s mind at ease letting us know that rumors where false. Fivio wasn’t shot, and still alive.

Author: JordanThrilla