A family kicked off a United Airlines flight is a causing a stir on social media, and even American Airlines is getting involved. American Airlines responded to a 2 year old’s family being kicked off a United Airlines flight over a mask dispute in a way that could be seen as unintentionally hilarious.


The situation went viral after the 2 year old’s mom released a crying video when her family was kicked off the United Airlines flight. The 2 year old’s father pleaded that they should be given an alternative flight after being kicked off, which was reportedly denied by United Airlines. The family mentioned the fact that COVID-19 has a 99% survival rate, almost the same as the normal flu.

It seems American Airlines is happy that they aren’t the target of backlash this time, and wanted to make sure they weren’t confused with United Airlines after this incident. American Airlines’ reaction ended up being unintentionally comedic.

American Airlines reacted to the family kicked off the United Airlines flight by saying “Your Concerns are appreciated. This was another carrier“.

United Airlines has banned the 2 year old from flying on their planes, which just seems ridiculous. However, it also shows how committed they are to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

As people continue to be torn around stipulations concerning a COVID-19 virus with an almost 99% survivable rate, situations like these have become a sad reality. Was United Airlines wrong for kicking a family off their flight due to a 2 year old child not wearing a mask?

Author: JordanThrilla