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Another Black Man Found Hanging Dead From Tree in Houston in Viral Video

Another black man was found hanging dead from a tree in Houston area. A viral video showed the moment that Houston police found the black man hanging from a tree near Highway 610 and Ella. This is the 5th case in past few days a black man was found hanging from a tree. All the cases have been ruled “suicide” after preliminary investigations.

There are no details surrounding this incident yet, but if they call this one suicide too people are really going to be on edge. It just seems highly unlikely that 5 people committed suicide by hanging themselves in the same fashion, especially since 2 of the cases happened in the same area. At the same time it’s best not to jump to conclusions since they all could possibly be suicides.

Since know one is sure what exactly is going on at the moment there is a tension brewing from the uncertainty in the air. Story is still developing.

Author: JordanThrilla

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