Candace Owens has banned from GoFundMe for her ultra conservative rhetoric regarding George Floyd’s murder. Candace Owens started a disrespectful George Floyd “thug” fundraising campaign, then created a GoFundMe to raise funds for the conservative owned Parkside Cafe in Alabama. Before Candace Owens was banned from GoFundMe she had raised $250,000, as crazy as it sounds.

GoFundMe accused Candace Owens of promotion racial intolerance, hate, discrimination, bullying, and harassment. On the flipside Candace Owens accused GoFundMe of “blatant discrimination”.

GoFundMe says they will still allow the conservative owned Parkside Cafe in Alabama to receive the $250,000 already raised by Candace Owen’s banned GoFundMe. It’s clear organizations are getting tired of people like Candace Owens who seem to only do things to trigger people during sensitive situations.

Author: JordanThrilla