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Charles Barkley Clowns Paul George on Inside In the NBA with “They Don’t Call Me Championship Chuck” Line

When Charles Barkley said “They don’t call me Championship Chuck” it was the Paul George diss heard all around the sports world. Charles Barkley clowned Paul George on Inside the NBA after his lackluster 3-16 “Pandemic P” performance in Game 3 Mavericks vs Clippers. Charles Barkley used the “They Don’t call me championship Chuck” line to make light of Paul George’s now infamous “Playoffs P” moniker.

Given his tracked record, Charles Barkley roasting Paul George was bound to happen. Everyone knew it was going to be really funny went it did happen. Chuck lived up to the hype went in on Pandemic P.

For Paul George this must be all Deja Vu. In the first round last year he struggled just like he is now. Back then he had the excuse of his shoulder injury. This time around there are no excuses, plus he has Kawhi Leonard taking all the pressure off him.

You can’t blame Charles Barkley for roasting Paul George with the “They Don’t Call me Championship Chuck” line. Paul George has been talking the talk, but not walking the walk so far in the playoffs.

Author: JordanThrilla

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