The coworker of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin confirmed that Derek Chauvin didn’t like George Floyd during a live news interview on CBS. The coworker said George Floyd and Derek Chauvin bumped heads many times when they worked together as security guards.

Now many people are asking why Derek Chauvin’s charges haven’t been bumped up to 1st degree murder. Given the tumultuous history this coworker claims George Floyd and Derek Chauvin had, some people think there is clear motive that would be in line with first degree murder.

At the moment Derek Chauvin is facing second degree murder charges, but was originally charged with 3rd degree murder. If the charges did get bumped to 1st degree investigators would have to prove that Derek Chauvin not liking George Floyd when they were coworkers came into play at the time of incident.

Author: JordanThrilla