When you hear about Lakers players blocking shots you usually hear names like Lebron James or Dwight Howard being mentioned, but today Danny Green’s block on Paul Millsap was the topic of conversation. Danny Green blocked Paul Millsap’s dunk attempt like Dikembe Mutombo during Game 2 Lakers vs Nuggets.

Danny Green’s block is incredible, because Paul Millsap is much larger than him. Green is a shooting guard, while Millsap plays the Power Forward position.

Take a look at the incredible play.

No one ever thought Danny Green could son Paul Millsap like that. That’s the type of block that would make your reevaluate your training regimen if you’re a power forward. Paul Millsap couldn’t power through Danny Green’s hand at the rim?

As the old saying goes, Danny Green had his “get that weak stuff out of here” moment on Paul Millsap.

Author: JordanThrilla