Did DC Rapper Taliban Glizzy murder CEO Bezzal? This is the question people are asking after when SwipeGod called out Taliban Glizzy on Instagram Live while he was dissing rappers from the DC area for CEO Bezzal’s death.

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As we know the whole incident was captured on security camera, but it’s hard to make out actual faces in the video.

Taliban Glizzy is from Southeast D.C. and rolls with Shy Glizzy who was robbed in Memphis in 2015. Shy Glizzy even released a diss song against Memphis rappers. It seems like more than coincidence that SwipeGod specifically called out Taliban Glizzy when talking about CEO Bezzal’s murder.

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The question remains is Taliban Glizzy responsible for CEO Bezzal’s death? SwipeGod seems to be on a quest to find out since he put a $100K on DC rappers heads.

Author: JordanThrilla

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