During a speech about Hurricane Laura Donald Trump told a sheriff to sell his autograph on eBay for $10,000. Donald Trump had no idea that his signature only sells for about $6.50 on eBay.

Naturally the moment is viral, because Donald Trump made a gross misjudgment on the value of his signature.

Around the 28:30 mark of the video Donald Trump tells the Sheriff to sell his signature on Ebay for $10,000. However, take a look at what Donald Trump’s signature is really going for on Ebay.

It’s safe to say if you were baking on selling Donald Trump’s signature on Ebay for $10,000, you’ll probably end up broke. His signature is worth a fraction of that price tag.

It looks like the only person who would pay $10,000 on Ebay for Donald Trump’s signature, is himself.

Author: JordanThrilla