Drake and Funk Flex Get Into Fight On Instagram Live and Drake Calls Funk Flex a “P****”. Funk Flex then calls Drake “Soft”.

There is no love lost between Funkmaster Flex and Drake. During an IG Live stream, Drake and Funk Flex got into an argument and started beefing in the comments. It got super disrespectful.

Drake called Funk Flex a “p****”, then Funk Flex responded to Drake saying, “you ain’t tough n****”. You could see other users in the comment excited at the verbal spar going on between the two.

As we all know, Funk Flex was Meek Mill’s biggest supporter during infamous beef where Drake’s alleged ghostwriter got revealed. Funk Flex leaked the reference tracks that confirmed Quentin Miller was writing for Drake in some fashion.

Since the ghostwriter situation will likely follow Drake forever, it’s no surprise to see him diss Funk Flex on IG Live.

Author: JordanThrilla