TJ McConnell is a name you usually don’t hear in NBA news, but he is in the headlines today. Gay NBA player Andre Marhold exposed TJ McConnell for having a small groin in new interview on Hollywood Unlocked.

After the host asked Andre Marhold if he was ever attracted to any NBA players in the locker room, TJ McConnell’s name was brought up. Andre Marhold claimed that he had a better body and larger groin size than most NBA players so he was never attracted to them.

That’s when Andre Marhold exposed TJ McConnell’s groin size to the world. Is he telling truth? Take a listen.

The NBA season hasn’t started yet, but things are already starting off rough for TJ McConnell. Women everywhere are going to clown him until proves this statement was a lie.

People aren’t going to forget what Andre Marhold said about him.

Author: JordanThrilla