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Is Tory Lanez Deported Back To Canada?

Is Tory Lanez deported back to Canada? According to a new rumor, Tory Lanez has allegedly been deported back to Canada. What’s not confirmed is whether he left voluntarily or it was court ordered. A gun charge usually violates a Visa agreement, so him being deported was an inevitably in some ways.

Tory Lanez was seen partying in the club just a few days ago. That may have been his version of a farewell party knowing that he was about to be deported to Canada. At the same time this could mean the rumor of him being deported isn’t true.


Just a few weeks ago over 17,000 Megan Thee Stallion fans signed a petition to deport Tory Lanez back to Canada. If Tory Lanez getting deported is true, their prayers have been answered.

It’s important to remember that it hasn’t been confirmed Tory Lanez was deported, but there evidence that he may have been.

Author: JordanThrilla

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