Is Tupac Alive as Akil? A Conspiracy Theory that Akil the Mc is 2Pac is going viral.

Akil the MC is member of the HipHop group “Jurassic Park 5”, that came to prominence after Tupac’s death. Akil The MC is also from California just like Tupac. There is also the fact the Akil The MC looks like 2pac.

However, these aren’t the only reasons people think Akil the MC is Tupac, it actually goes much deeper. Below we will explain what is driving the conspiracy theory that 2Pac and Akil are the same person, but first take a look at some videos of Akil The MC.

Now that you have watched those videos, it will make things a little bit clearer about the Tupac is Akil the MC Conspiracy Theory.

Akil the MC has the same voice, mannerisms, eyes, and teeth patterns as 2pac. Akil also hints to being Tupac in his music all the time. If you watch an old Tupac interview, then watch an Akil interview right after, you can hear they literally have identical voices.

The theory that Tupac faked his death has been around since the day news broke that he died. Since then many conspiracy theories have arisen about where Tupac would be if in fact he was alive. All this time 2Pac may have reinvented himself as Akil The MC, so he can hide in plain sight and lead a normal life.

The Akil is Tupac Conspiracy Theory definitely has strong grounds for being true.

Author: JordanThrilla