Jonathan Price is dead, and the situation is very unfortunate. Jonathan Price was shot and killed by a white cop while breaking up a fight between to other people in Wolfe City, Texas. Reports state that police officers arrived to the scene to see three men in a scuffle at a gas station, but they didn’t realize Johnathan Price was breaking up the fight. A white police officer shot Jonathan Price multiple times, after tasing him. The white cop who killed Jonathan Price has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by Texas Rangers.


The irony of this sad situation is that Jonathan Price was huge defender of white cops. In his most famous post Jonathan Price talked about how white cops had been good to him all his life whenever they pulled him over. Jonathan Price spoke out against Black Lives Matter movement many times.

Jonathan Price was killed by white cops he spent a large part of his recent years defending on social media. Based on the current reports of the Jonathan Price’s death he didn’t do anything to provoke the cop into shooting him. Almost seems very similar to the Jacob Blake situation, except he survived.

Regardless of his personal beliefs it’s still sad Jonathan Price is dead.

RIP Jonathan Price.

Author: JordanThrilla

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