Jamal Adams is the latest athlete to make the same mistake Bronny James did. A Jamal Adams marijuana blunt photo is going viral. Jamal Adams accidentally tweeted a picture with a large blunt sitting on the glass table behind him. After deleting the photo, Jamal Adams tweeted out the picture again with the marijuana joint removed about 5 minutes later.


This was the epitome of a double whammy. Pay attention to the time on the Jamal Adams marijuana joint tweets.

Now here is the second tweet sent out about 5 minutes later with the Jamal Adam blunt removed.

What you could compare to this is being caught speeding by the cops, and suddenly slamming on your breaks making yourself look more guilty. When Jamal Adams removed the joint from the photo, it gave strength to the assumption that it was a marijuana blunt.

Hopefully the Jamal Adams joint debacle doesn’t land him in any trouble.

Author: JordanThrilla

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